Jennie Vickers

Hangout with Jennie Vickers

Law and Order in the Cloud

Please join us to discuss how the law of the cloud impacts your business. In this Hangout with Jennie Vickers we’ll discuss some of the legal aspects of using the Internet for your business. 

Sponsored by the eCentre at Massey University in Albany.

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Cloud Computing For Small Business

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Feature: Moving to the Cloud

If you are a small business, either starting up, or already established, you may have heard of cloud computing. The question is: what kind of value can moving to the cloud add to your business? To gain insight we decided to talk to Vend, a cloud service provider that offers online  point-of-sale (POS) software.  We also talked to several small businesses that have made the leap into the cloud: Hamilton based United Sweets, Velo Boutique in Freemans Bay and Whoopie Pies in New Market and Grey Lynn, Auckland.

Cloud services can be understood as programs that run on the Internet Read more