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Moving to the Cloud


If you are a small business, either starting up, or already established, you may have heard of cloud computing. The question is: what kind of value can moving to the cloud add to your business? To gain insight we decided to talk to Vend, a cloud service provider that offers online  point-of-sale (POS) software.  We […]

New Zealand Data Plan Comparisons


We were researching New Zealand data plans from local ISPs recently and found a useful metric that nobody seems to be comparing: $/GB. Essentially this tells you how many dollars you’re spending for each GB of monthly data allowance you receive from your ISP. Obviously, higher allowance plans are generally cheaper per GB but it was still […]

Stefan Preston

Starting in the Cloud


Interview – Stefan Preston, Rose & Thorne Is it possible to build a $2 million company without buying a single server or enterprise software license? Ask Stefan Preston, CEO of Rose & Thorne, a rapidly growing women’s lingerie producer and retailer. Stefan was the CEO of Bendon during the 2000’s, taking the company to new […]