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This Hangout occured on Tuesday 17 December 2013 at 11 am NZDT
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Please join us for an online discussion with fellow kiwi Ben Kepes, who’s made quite a name for himself as a technology evangelist, investor, commentator, business adviser and general cloud computing enthusiast. Ben orbits very near the center of the cloud computing universe providing a unique, highly informed perspective on major business and technology transformations now underway.

For a long time now, Ben has envisioned the rise of the “organic business” that replaces the traditional business hierarchy with a much more adaptive and malleable structure. Ben’s vision consists of a small permanent central hub that draws from a diverse array of skilled individuals to rapidly form temporary teams that innovate on specific business needs and opportunities.

Although this approach might sound far-fetched, we are in fact seeing the emergence of this business model fueled in equal parts by the accelerating pace of business change and the ever-improving ability of the Internet to connect people around the world.

Can this approach provide a competitive advantage to your business? If so, how? Join our Google Hangout and find out!

Martin HangoutThis Hangout will hosted by Martin Danner, CloudCandle curator and small business owner. Martin’s passion lies in helping small businesses apply IT technologies like cloud computing to reduce cost, increase productivity and improve sales.

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  2. Gina Walters says:

    Listened to your hangout with Ben Kepes, very interesting and made some great points regarding technology and the cloud. Also enjoyed he’s perspective on Silicon Valley and New Zealand.

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