Hangout with Hayden Glass – Business Use of Internet in New Zealand


Is New Zealand Making Good Use of the Internet?

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014 at 11 am NZDT (Check the time for your location)


Hayden Glass

Hayden Glass

In this Hangout with Hayden Glass we’ll discuss how the Internet impacts small businesses in New Zealand. Hayden co-authored a recently released report titled “The value of internet services to New Zealand businesses.”  This report contains an in-depth analysis of the economic impact of the Internet on New Zealand. The findings and recommendations are very interesting indeed. Join use for a lively discussion that may very well help you improve the productivity of your own business. Bring your comments and questions!

Hayden Glass is an economist at Sapere Research Group, a consulting firm with offices in New Zealand and Australia. Hayden’s primary interest is in the commercial and economic impacts of the Internet on both the ICT sector and the wider economy. To that end, he convenes the Moxie Sessions, a tech-economy discussion group held once a month in Auckland, where invited guests talk about how New Zealand can take advantage of the Internet to boost its economic prospects.


Geoff Lewis

Geoff Lewis

Geoff Lewis of the Productivity Commission will also be joining us. Geoff is the director for the services sector inquiry at the Productivity Commission. The Commission was asked by the Government to build a better understanding of the services sector and find ways to lift its productivity. New Zealand firms have been relatively slow to adopt ICT, owing in part to difficulties in attracting capital, and to gaps in information and skills. Faster adoption could boost productivity growth. The Commission will be recommending policy options to address these challenges.

Geoff has worked extensively in the area of the economics of productivity, including cross-country comparative analysis and productivity measurement.

Martin Danner

Martin Danner


This Hangout will hosted by Martin Danner, CloudCandle curator and small business owner. Martin’s passion lies in helping small businesses improve productivity through effective use of modern information technology.



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